Kitchen Scale Redesign

20161130_7620_ASC.jpg 20161130_7625_ASC.jpg 20161130_7604_ASC.jpg 20161130_7606_ASC.jpg 20161130_7654_ASC.jpg 20161130_7663_ASC.jpg 20161130_7689_ASC.jpg

The goal for this redesign project was to optimize the existing kitchen scale for a new target group - people aged 60 and more. In order to do that, the original product was closely analysed first and the key problems were defined. In a process of sketches, foam models and CAD drawings I adressed these problems and worked out different solutions.
The final model was produced completely in the 3D printer. In production the parts would be produced in an injection mould process out of ABS plastic.

2016, Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)